Top 5 Hikes in Zion National Park (and which is right for your family)

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When you come to Zion for your family, you will want to know which hikes are best (whether your kids are big, small, or a mix of both).  Most travelers love to hike with their young ones and make sure they enjoy the trails (here are some tips how to be extra prepared for your hike).  Below you will find the top rated hikes Zion has to offer!

1. Angel’s Landing

Length:      5 Miles
Difficulty:  Hard
Expect crowds on this hike because it is by far the most popular!  It is crowded for a reason though because the views are spectacular.  The way is difficult, and the end of the trail is nail biting, with the hiker holding onto chains to reach the top.  The view is definitely worth the trek! It’s also featured in this book for the family.

Zion National Park Southern Utah Angels Landing Overlook Scouts Lookout Walters Wiggles Switchbacks Amazing views hiking up zion very top canyon
Famous View at the Top of Angels Landing

2. Riverside Walk

Length:     1.9 Miles
Difficulty:  Easy
This is a hike that can be enjoyed by everyone in your group!  You can even push a stroller along the trail.  This hike is right by the most popular Zion ceremony site Temple of Sinawava.

3.  The Watchman Trail

Length:     3.1 Miles
Difficulty: Easy
This trail takes the hiker up to view the spectacular views Springdale has to offer!

Canyon Overlook ZION Dilbert best books for getting kids to love national parks hiking adventure
Dilbert & Succulent on the Popular Overlook hike

4.  Zion Canyon Overlook

Length:      1 Mile
Difficulty:  Moderate
This is also a very popular spot for photographs.  Zion Canyon Overlook is the best view for the least hike in the park

5.  The Narrows

Length:     8.6 Miles
Difficulty: Hard
The most popular way to hike the narrows is the bottom up method.  This way, you start at The Riverside walk and just wade into the water until you reach the furthest point you can go without a permit, and then you hike back the way you came.  You will be met with spectacular views at every turn, and its a great way to cool off in the Summer months.  Note:  The top bottom method of hiking the narrows requires a permit.

Debbie Houghton Scott Houghton Hiking Zion National Park Author Dilbert the Duck
Author of Dilbert the Duck, Debbie Houghton and her husband, Scott, at Canyon Overlook

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