Here are some free coloring pages of Dilbert the Duck and Succulent for kids as you go off adventuring across the country as a family.  Enjoy!

Activities for the Road

Coloring Pages for Dilbert the Duck

We have kids, we love adventure, and we understand the need to have activities to keep them entertained! 

On those long car trips across the country, it helps to have a few things on hand that are just easy.  So with that, enjoy a few free pages of Dilbert on us!

Don't forget to pack your Dilbert the Duck Books

The cool thing about these coloring pages?  A few of them come straight from the books!  Now your kids can color pages right out of Dilbert the Duck!  Don’t forget to pack Dilbert so they have it handy.  Still need the books?  We’ve got you covered!

Post Your Coloring Pages to Social Media and Tag @dilberttheduck or use #dilberttheduck

Print Before You Go!

Just download the zip file and print the pages before you go!

Want to Post Your Work?

When your kids finish coloring Dilbert, you can post it and share it on social media!  Just don’t forget to tag @dilberttheduck and/or use #dilberttheduck when you do! 

Click the link below to download your free Dilbert the Duck Coloring Pages