We are fortunate in the United States to have some of the most varied and most beautiful scenery in the entire world!  From Zion National Park to The Redwoods, Yellowstone, and more; there is so much adventure to be had.  So why should you take your kids to these places?

It Gives Them a Love of Nature

In a world of constant screens and noise, kids can easily get overwhelmed, and let’s be honest, a bit cranky!  Something amazing happens when you give them free space to run around.  They can breathe better, they get exercise, and they can wonder at the beauty around them!  Let them marvel at the deep canyons, tall trees, and wildlife!

You Can Escape Distractions

Connecting with kids is harder than ever!  Someone almost always has a device in their hand, and there is constant messaging and attention needed.  Stepping into national parks is a perfect way to shut all that noise out.  Without constant screens, you can enjoy just being together.  You may even spot a falcon or two!  That’s better than a banner ad any day! Dilbert the Duck visits Bryce Canyon National Park Southern Utah Switchbacks Thor's Hammer Hoodoos Childrens Book duck hiking peregrin falcon  

It’s Much More Cost Effective Than Disneyland

Don’t get me wrong, Disneyland is amazing!  But man is it expensive!  Taking your kids’ to national parks isn’t only fun, it doesn’t cost much at all!  With reasonable lodging or camping everywhere and park entrance fees so low, you can take that Disneyland fund and stretch it to several vacations instead!

Make Amazing Memories

Because national parks are free of screens and other distractions, you will be able to focus on what’s most important–each other.  You will have time to talk and enjoy and discover!  Your family will talk for years about the bear they saw climbing a tree, or the chipmunk that climbed up dad’s back trying to steal his Doritos (as a note: wildlife in national parks is often not scared, and while you won’t feed them, they will very persistently insist that you should).  Families that spend uninterrupted time together bond together. Dilbert with the Squirrels dont feed the wildlife in zion national park facts Consider making your next trip one for wonder and exploration!  If you need help getting your kids excited about your next adventure, see our tips here!