Who wrote the children’s books, Dilbert the Duck?

  Debbie Houghton, the author of the Dilbert the Duck series, was born in Salt Lake and spent her childhood adventuring every weekend with her family.  Her favorite adventures were visiting the national parks, and it has been a long-time goal of hers to visit every one of them.  She has taught elementary school for 20 years, and teaching kids to read has been a favorite part of the job. She always wanted to write a book of her own, and she is so excited to combine her love of story books with her love of national parks.  She is so excited to inspire kids to have some adventures of their own!  Debbie lives in Hurricane, Utah with her husband.  She has 5 kids and 17 grandchildren.
Debbie Houghton Dilbert the Duck Visits Zion National Park childrens book for kids travel adventure
Debbie Houghton, Author of Dilbert the Duck

How did she come up with Dilbert the Duck?

Debbie, along with her daughter and son-in-law, created the Dilbert the Duck series as a way to get kids excited about national parks and get them excited about adventure.  She was featured in a St. George News article detailing the beginnings of the series, as well as why Dilbert became a duck, where Succulent came from, and where Dilbert will be headed next!