Episode 2: Hoodoos in Bryce?  Or is there more going on?  On a casual stroll through Bryce Canyon National Park, Dilbert the Duck sees an unusual face– or at least he thinks he does. Feeling hungry, he stops for a snack with his buddy, Succulent.  After some stirring around them, they realize they’re not alone!

For the first episode, click here: EPISODE 1: THE BRIDGE

A cartoon-ization of the first moments of Dilbert the Duck Visits Bryce Canyon National Park. Check out his adventures in his book travels in the Store.

Sound effects & Music obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com

Easter Eggs (Did You Notice?):
  • MP3 Player: Many of the “bands” listed are parodies of real bands– using real breeds of duck (a few of which live in Bryce Canyon)
  • Dilbert’s map is of the whole USA, not particularly useful in Bryce
  • Notice who really owns the MP3 Player?
  • Stay tuned when the credits roll for a mini-mid credits scene
  • Did you notice the little easter eggs on the Quak Tarts box?
  • Dilbert’s headphones have a music note turned into a duck as a logo
  • Monsters appear to be: an Owl, a Gorilla, a weird face, an a lizard