DILBERT THE DUCK: Duck and Cover

Episode 3: Dilbert the Duck and Succulent try to weather a rain storm at night. Sleep eludes poor Dilbert– but his travel buddy Succulent seems to have fallen right to sleep. After a few hours of exhaustion, Dilbert finally manages to get in a little sleep– though it may not as restful as he’d hoped. A dream turned nightmare makes Dilbert’s night a little too much to take. 

Based on Dilbert the Duck by Debbie Houghton. Animated by Justin Harmon. 

Music by Bensounds. 
Sound Effects by ZapSplat.
*Parody Space Odyssey: 2001 Stanley Kubrick “Thus Spake Zarathustra” Pop Tarts kids cartoon, books on traveling and adventure, dreams, funny, sleeplessness, raining and thundering.

For the first episode, click here: EPISODE 1: THE BRIDGE

An original cartoon.  Check out his adventures in his book travels in the Store.

Easter Eggs (Did You Notice?):
  • Succulent’s napkin blanket says “Siesta Burger”.  Siesta in spanish means ‘sleep’
  • The Quak Tart’s first appearance in Dilbert’s dream looks remarkably like the monolith in “2001: Space Odyssey” (1968). 
  • It also uses the same classic music “Thus Spake Zarathustra”.
  • First dream sequence of Dilbert the Duck
  • The blanket Dilbert uses is his map featured in the books.