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Hiking Zion Canyon Overlook with Kids- Zion National Park

Angels Landing hike in Zion National Park is, by far, the most famous overlook of the park. If your child has a problem with a climb, or for smaller hikers, Zion Canyon Overlook is an amazing choice! Zion Canyon Overlook is the easiest hike featuring an overlook in the park, so if sweeping views are what you are looking for, this is the perfect hike for pretty much everyone!

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Canyon Overlook

The hike is accessed through the East Canyon by car. The shuttle does not go up that way. You will wind up through stunning views, and go through the famous tunnels of Zion. The parking lot for The Overlook is on your immediate right after going through the tunnels. This parking lot is often full, especially in the busy season, but you should be able to find a spot at the lots or on the side of the road down the way a little bit. It’s not too far to walk back to the trailhead, and there are even bathrooms for a quick break.

The very beginning of The Zion Canyon Overlook hike is a bit of a climb, and we have even seen nervous families quit almost at the end of this thinking it will be too hard, but once the stair portion is done, it’s pretty flat from there on out. So encourage kiddos to stick with it because it gets so much easier! You may even see a big horned sheep along the way as they like to hang out in the East Canyon.

The end of the hike features one of the best views in the entire park. It is the most popular place for photos, so don’t forget to snag one at the end. If you are worried about kids and edges, stick to the portion of the cliff with the fence around it. Venturing away from there will give you a straight drop down over 2,000 feet, so keep a close watch on runners.

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This view is even more majestic in person and is one not to be missed! Because it is so family and novice friendly, it tends to get crowded. It is best hiked on a weekday or in the shoulder seasons. Make sure to pack plenty of water in the Summer as the temperatures are high and the air dry.

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