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1,000 Hours Outside: Why We are Doing it, and Why You Should Too!

You should know, we didn’t start this year planning to take on an outdoor challenge…

What is the 1000 Hours Outside? It may seem self-explanatory, but it has become so much more than just 1k hours outside as a family.

Yes, 1,000 hours outside may sound like an aggressive goal, and you know what, it is! But did you know the average kid spends 1,200 hours watching television? We didn’t set off on our 1,000 hour outside goal just to avoid the television though, we set out to avoid– being plugged in. Everything can feel so noisy and distracting and overwhelming. Outside time is a chance to stop and breathe–really breathe! But there was another reason.

Duck mud run Dilbert the Duck 1000 hour challenge with kids reduce anxiety family together exercise sunset
Spending time outdoors (hiking, racing, gardening– as long as it’s together)

Did you know it’s been linked to helping Anxiety?

Anxiety has made its way into many families, and it has certainly made its way into ours. In a fast and furious world it’s easy to see why, but when we spend time as a family outside, our kids feel more at ease. The worry stops, and the conversation flows, and (my favorite) I have more time to bond with my whole family in a more relaxing setting! You may find out things about your kid you never knew! Outside we are more fun as parents!

Ashley & Justin Harmon with their 3 girls

Just last week we made our way to a hike (our favorite outdoor adventure), and it started to sprinkle rain. Mind you, we live in the desert, so to us it was very unexpected! The light rain felt like magic that day! It’s something we would have missed had we stayed indoors. So this year we are saying yes to more breathing and more adventure and more time! We can’t wait to share more about it!

Goal: 1,000 hours As of February 2022: 120 hours (gotta pick up the pace!)
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