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The one and only adventurous duck with a succulent for a sidekick is off on his latest adventures away from home looking to live out his dream of seeing the world around him– finding himself in the grandest national parks like Zion and Bryce Canyon.  Where to next?  

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The only duck with a Succulent for a travel buddy, Dilbert the Duck is the adventurer kids want to follow!  Whether it’s traveling up the steep heights of Angels Landing in Zion National Park or the deep amphitheater of Bryce Canyon National Park, Dilbert is bound to find adventure– food stealing squirrels, spooky faces in the hoodoos, and stopping for a delicious Quak Tart.  The adventure with Dilbert and Succulent is just getting started!

Dilbert often finds himself traveling to National Parks just to soak up adventure in the most majestic places.  We hope you’ll love following his travels with his quiet (and memorable) pal, Succulent!  Enhanced with a beautiful and unique visual style you won’t find anywhere else, Dilbert combines the life of the parks with lovable illustrations into each page!  Don’t just take our word for it– head over to our store and get your own copy of Dilbert the Duck and we’re sure you and your kids will be hooked!  #SayYesToAdventure

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Dilbert the Duck features a one-of-a-kind style you won’t find in any other Children’s book! Written by an educator of 20 years, Debbie Houghton, and visually crafted by award winning photographers, Ashley & Justin Harmon, this is a must-have for your little adventurers! It’s already hitting top reading lists on GoodReads and is available to order now!

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national parks Debbie Houghton Dilbert the Duck Visits Zion National Park childrens book for kids travel adventure

About the Author

“I have been a teacher in Washington County, Utah for 20 years working with our youth to give them the best possible start.  My goal now is to help kids fall in love with the beauty and majesty of the parks, and that’s why I started Dilbert the Duck!”

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