Inspire kids to bring their
creativity to the next level,

About Ashley & Justin

Our presentation aims to teach kids about drawing a memorable character

Ashley & Justin are the illustrators and award winning photographers of the children’s book series, Dilbert the Duck. They are passionate about instilling the love of art and creativity into the next generation.

The presentation focuses on teaching kids how to create a memorable character, including tips and a hands-on activity. At the end, Ashley & Justin provide the children a special opportunity to create a character together live on the big screen (often regarded as most children’s favorite part).

Our total fee is just $475.

When you book us, we’ll take the day, one grade at a time so we can tailor the message to each age.
Once we’re done, we’ll provide you two sets of Dilbert books to use however you’d like (ex. giving one set to the library, giving to a certain classroom as an incentive, etc).

We keep it light, fun, and engaging. We’ve worked with kids for nearly 15 years.

Ashley & Justin
Illustrators & Photographers