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Real Photographs of the Parks • Beautiful Illustrations • Children Based Reading

Dilbert the Duck Zion National Park Succulent travel kids adventure family hiking


Dilbert the Duck Visits Zion National Park


Dilbert the Duck Visits Grand Teton…

Dilbert the Duck visits Bryce Canyon National Park Southern Utah Switchbacks Thor's Hammer Hoodoos Childrens Book giants rising from the floor


Dilbert the Duck Visits Bryce Canyon…

Our Mission

We make books for families looking to bond over adventure. Our kids mean the world to us, and hiking together has helped them become less anxious and connected with us more as a family.
If we can do that for other parents, then we’ve built something worthwhile.

We want our youth to not only love the parks, but connect with their family and grow closer on each adventure.

Canyon Overlook ZION Dilbert best books for getting kids to love national parks hiking adventure

My kids are absolutely in love with Dilbert! And I love that they can enjoy him in real photos of the park. Most beautifully illustrated book I’ve seen in a long time!


What Everyone is Saying

“These books are amazing! I love the photography, the clever use of mixed media and this cute little duck traveling our National Parks!”​

Succulent Cactus Iconic dilbert the duck cactus childrens book

Stacey Staley

“The Dilbert the Duck books are absolutely adorable! I know my nephews will just love reading these over and over again. The photos are incredible and the quality of the books are top notch. Well worth the purchase!”​

Succulent Cactus Iconic dilbert the duck cactus childrens book

Briana Irene

“When I saw this book on the shelf, I was elated. I’ve been looking for years for books about national parks for my grandchildren. They LOVE Dilbert!”​

Succulent Cactus Iconic dilbert the duck cactus childrens book

Linda Bolin


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